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Dhoomimal Art Gallery

Dhoomimal Gallery (DMG), established in 1936 by Sh. Ram Babu Jain is the oldest contemporary art gallery in India. Having recently completed 75 years of successfully promoting Indian contemporary art, The Gallery has always been more of an institution than a mere commercial gallery.

The gallery made its beginnings by displaying the works of well-known painters of that time like late Sailoz Mukherjee and Jamini Roy and soon became a hub for contemporary art as well as a meeting place for the capital’s artists.

Today the Dhoomimal collection has the best private collection of artworks of stalwarts such as F.N. Souza, Swaminathan, H.A. Gade, Bimal Das Gupta, Jamini Roy, Sailoz Mukherjee, Anjolie Ela Menon, Krishen Khanna among many others.

Gallery also provided stage for many of young artists such as Hemraj, G.R. Iranna, Somnath Singh, M.S.C. Satya Sai which are today big names in the contemporary art world.

Address: G-42, Connaught Circus New Delhi-1100018-A, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001



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