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Lasya College of Fine Arts, Pilathara

Lasya College of Fine Arts is situated at the heart of Pilathara, between Payyanur and Taliparamba on NH- 17.
It is a premier institution for Dance, Music and other art forms located at Pilathara in North Kerala functioning as a community college of Kannur University.Established in 200, the college is situated in the Lasyakalakshetra campus and is a unit of that organization .Today, The College offers degree course in Bharatanatyam and Karnatic Music and P.G Course in Bharathanatyam.
Here, students can live with the teachers in Lasya campus . All the merits of “Gurukulam system” are retained in Lasya campus with care and students are able to imbibe our rich culture in the most natural way.
Though the classical art forms are learned in the traditional way, modern technological advancements are not ignored. Lasyakalakshetra maintains facilities such as a well equipped computer lab, Library , Audio and Video Digital recording studio ,indoor auditorium , an open air theater etc. These are being utilized by the students of the college. The performance wing of the Kshetra as well as renowned artists and performers from all over the country present programmes frequently in the campus. This provides students directly with a rich experience of our classical heritage.
They extend a warm welcome to those who are seriously in pursuit of Indian Classical art forms. And today, with a student body of more than 600, it is the largest institution of its kind in Malabar.

Director/Curator: Kalamandalam Latha Edavalath, Principal
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Contact: (+91) 4972 801723, (+91) 4972 800976.

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Lasya College Of Fine Arts ,Pilathara PO . Via Mandur , Kannur . Kerala
India, 670501.
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