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Madhubani Paintings Art Gallery , Bihar

Madhubani Paintings is an ancient art form practiced in Madhubani Town of Bihar. Madhubani Paintings are famous for its unique style which reflects the local culture and mythological figures such as Hindu Gods and festivals.
Madhubani Paintings Art Gallery was established to provide a rightful platform for local artist to showcase their native art. These paintings also provided source of income to these people who depend on agriculture.
agriculture being the chief means of livelihood, the Madhubani people worship the sun, so that the God of power and fertility bless them with good. Paving its way to the theme of Madhubani paintings, the sun is still an interesting topic for these painters.
Painted at the centre of the canvas, is the Sun God who is also the center of the universe. Big bulging eyes denote the divine ever-vigilant nature of the Sun. The symbol at the forehead makes it more auspicious. Use of shades of only two colours makes it simplistic and the floral and linear patterns surrounding the sun make it intricate.

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Madhubani Paintings Art Gallery, Sankat Moachan Colony, Madhubani,
Bihar - 847211
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