Sudarshan Craft Museum , Puri

Founded in 1977, Sudarshan craft Museum is a domicile of one of the finest art works in Odisha. There are varieties of sculptures built in stone and wood that are kept for display. Along with these are many paintings that are done by renowned artists from Odisha. In the gallery premise are a Buddhist temple, constructed in Japanese style, a library and a workshop. Artisans who are working could be seen and visitors are permitted to interact with them. It is a private enterprise started by the craftsman Sudarshan Sahoo who currently looks after that . Along with some of his comtemporary artists and assitants he started the center in the year 1977 which was a new and unique concept at that time. This center in the past has developed many sculptures from non-traditional families which helped the conservative artistic society to do better work. Side by side, training, residential facilities, a Buddhist temple in Japanese style, library, showroom and workshop were added to facilitate the visitors and artists. For a long time it is exporting the handicrafts to foriegn countries and has been recognized by the Government. Art lovers and visitors from all over the world have appreciated this endeavour.

Current Director/Curator : Sudarshan Sahoo
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Phone : +91-6752-220474
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