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Naila Art Gallery, Jaipur

Naila Art Gallery known for its assorted styles and diversified curation, is an example of how the famous city is an advocate of art and artists. This serene art space located on the Naila Bagh Palace, one of Jaipur’s heritage hotels, is an inviting venue for artists to convene, canvass, and even sojourn in its peaceful ambience to live and work.
The 21,000 sq feet Naila Art Gallery has the unique privilege of being promoted by two proficient artists, Thakur Dushyant Singh and Thakurani Usha Singh. From traditional art to abstract work, you could witness some prodigious masterpieces here. The Naila Art Gallery is being promoted to serve as an interactive medium for art lovers and critics.

Director/Curator : Thakur Dushyant Singh and Thakurani Usha Singh
Mail :
Contact : +91 9983610001, 01412607492
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Naila Bagh Palace, Moti Doongari Road, Jaipur 302007, Rajasthan
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