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Nehru Arts Gallery, Maharashtra

The Nehru Centre Art Gallery was set up on November 14, 1992. It is dedicated to the promotion of young talent and provides a platform for them to exhibit their work along with that of eminent artists. The Gallery has featured a wide range of well-known painters and sculptors to students of art colleges. There have been several noteworthy exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, graphics, calligraphy, ceramics, textile-paintings and photography
The Gallery was inaugurated by Dr. H.N. Sethna, the then General Secretary of Nehru Centre, with an exhibition of eminent painters and sculptors – M. F. Husain, K. K. Hebbar, Prabhakar Barwe, Akbar Padamsee, Altar, Navjot and Kishor Thakur. After some extremely successful initial five years, the Art Gallery expanded its size and activities.
At present the space available is in two parts. One is air-conditioned and approximately 2500 sq.ft giving 150 running feet, expandable by using dividing panels. The Circular Gallery with 125 running feet for displaying paintings. But the sculptures cannot be displayed there. Both are situated on the ground floor of the Discovery of India Building of Nehru Centre

Director/Curator : Mr. S. K. Kulkarni
Mail :
Contact : 022 2496 4676

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