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Odisha Lalitha Kala Academy, Bubaneshwar

The official art gallery of Odisha, the Llalitha kala academy has in it numerous art and artifacts. Events are conducted from time to time to promote various artisans. Besides the above facilities the Centre also organises Camps and Workshops on Tribal, Folk, Traditional and Contemporary art, besides lecture series under Kala Dhara and Kala Vimarsha. The Centre also organises retrospective and curated exhibitions from its collections. Akademi encourage and promote study and research in the field of paintings, sculpture, architecture and applied arts. They promote co-operation among the artists and art associations and to encourage the establishment and development of such art associations. Along with this they also encourage the setting up of institutions to provide training and research in various fields of art and promotes the exchange of ideas between various schools of art by organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions. They also publish literature on art, including monographs, journals and art albums etc; Lalit Kala Akademi thus is the regional centre to promote art in Odisha.

Phone: 0674-2431611
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