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Pepper House Cafe, Kochi

A picturesque location offering a mesmerizing view of the Fort Kochi harbour, Pepper House is a waterfront heritage property located on the Kalvathi Road in between Fort Kochi and Bazar Road. The walls and wooden floors of Pepper House in Fort Kochi tell tales of Kochi’s rich trade history.
The building consists of two historic godowns (an Indian word for a dockside warehouse), one facing the street and other overlooking the waterfront. These large, two-story buildings with Dutch style clay roofs are separated by a large courtyard which would have once been used for storing goods waiting to be loaded onto ships in the harbor.
The sixteen thousand square feet Pepper House complex is indeed a treat in all sense thathouses a courtyard cafe, gallery, studios for artist residencies and event spaces.
In the long-term Pepper House is intended as an evolving project to create a multi-purpose space that hosts and promote visual arts year round in Kochi.

Director/Curator: Avantika Bawa
Contact: +91 484-2215667



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