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Uttarakhand Arts, Uttaranchal

Uttarakhand Arts is an art gallery based in Almora which primarily focuses on Uttarakhandi Art which is local art which is native to Uttarakhand. In India including Uttarakhand, art like life is closely linked to religion. Indian art as well as the art of Uttarakhand is life as interpreted by religion and philosophy. The Uttarakhand Art Gallery showcases wide variety of art works from both Native Uttarakhandi Culture and contemporary. Gallery was established with objective to provide a platform for local artist to portray ‘Uttarakhandi Artwork’. The Uttarakhand Art Gallery is also home of Sculptures, paintings of Maularam and Garhwal School of Painting, Modern and Contemporary paintings and more.
Since Uttarakhandiess have been living in a natural environment occupying every ecological niche, arts have played a pivotal role in their day to day life since the very beginning when the history of visual arts in the region began. They have provided a vehicle for their urge for self-philosophical expression with a highly diversified and artistic approach.

Contact: +91-9719332735

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Joshi Villa, Lower Mall Road, Almora (Uttarakhand) 263601 India
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