Amsterdam Knife Painting Workshop

August 11, 2018 @ 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Cafe Zoe Mathurdas Mills Compound
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013 India
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Art is a means to travel without really going somewhere and we’re here to make you experience this! Come, let your mind wander in Amsterdam as we help you paint at the “Knife Painting Workshop”
With no prior painting experience required, this will be a guided session, shedding light on the basic strokes, sketches and techniques and helping you getting in touch with the artist within. Paint the “Amsterdam” using knives & acrylic paint on Canvas.
We take care of all the art materials!

Organizer / Curator details

Bombay Drawing Room
Founded by a self taught Artist Snehal Patil, Bombay Drawing room is a community organization that fosters fun and non judgmental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating. It was created by the vision to encourage creative expression in everyday settings. Art is a spontaneous expression that resides in all of us & must be provided with a creative outlet. For many of us who do not explore our creative side is simply because we never had a chance to. We hope to share our joyful experience and passion for creating through Bombay Drawing Room by curating spaces and interactions that catalyze expression and forge new friendships in a relaxed & non-judgmental environment.

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