Charcoal for beginners – Wildlife paintings

August 15, 2018 @ 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Bloom & Grow Bloom & Grow, 84F, 17th D Main Road
Bangalore, Karnataka 560095 India
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Wildlife/Portraits with Charcoal -Course Curriculum – Introduction to basic understanding of fundamentals of drawing .Introduction to basic drawing materials viz. different kinds of pencils, papers, erasers, smudging tools & their usage.Introduction to Realism Properties of realism & its concept; how to incorporate it in our works.
Importance of role of symmetry in the drawing/sketching/painting

  • How to achieve symmetry in our drawings without much effort
  • How to draw different shapes with lot of ease
  • Techniques to draw more easily & realistically
  • How to draw more effectively
  • How to perceive different textures ; tones in nature & reciprocate with various grades of pencils
  • How to protect your finished works

Per Person ₹ 1,900/-
For two events in the Charcoal for Beginners Series – Per Person ₹ 3,500/-
If you also want to attend the Charcoal for beginners – Realism in Still life/Cityscapes, then buy this ticket.

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Bloom And Grow
Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

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