Resin Art – Island Theme

August 11 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Witty World, Goregaon (East) Witty World, Romell Aether Layout Near Umiyamata Temple
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063 India
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This is a very new, unique and amazing piece of art that captures versatility.
Lustrous like glass but similar to plastic, it effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities.

What you will learn:
– tips and tricks of resin
– selection of resin
– how to create a beach-like effect
– how to mix
– how to pour
– how to use colors, pigments, and powders
– how to deal with all problems with resin
– how to use a blowtorch in the project
– how to have a pure mirror-like effect

Curator details

There is an artist in each one of us. Be it painting, writing, cooking, dancing or anything else that can be called creative, each of us has an ability to excel in one or many such creative pursuits. What lacks is the identification of such abilities, and guidance to hone those skills and excel in them. At Skilltivate, we bring to you many such opportunities to identify where your talent and interest lie, and find you a tutor who can help you excel in those talents. Here, you will come across various creative crafts and pursuits, maybe even for the first time in your lives. Why not try it and see if that excites you. It could just end up being your life's calling.

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