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Anu Bs

‘Aswathy’ (H), ANRA A-32, Archana Nagar, Pongummodu, Medical College P.O., Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-695 011

Academic and artistic education details

BFA - Sculpture from College Of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram.Kerala.(2001-2005)
MFA - Sculpture from Maharaja Sayajirao University. Baroda. Gujrat. (2005-2007)

Particulars about your individual / group exhibitions

2017 - Biophilia –A Group show at Lalitha Kala Academy Gallery,Kozhikodu.
2016 - Objects Rehabilitated a group show of Sculptures at Durbar Hall .Eranakulam
2015 - Retrieval -A group of Painting and Sculptures at Durbar Hall ,Eranakulam
Clip Board – A group show at Durbar Hall ,Eranakulam.
Sculpture Camp – Satyagraha Memorial at Vaikkom, organized by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy.
2014 - Beings and Belongings a group show of Paintings and Sculptures at Durbar Art Gallery Kochi Kerala. CIMA Art Award Show 2014 at Kolkata.
2013 - “Extensions” A Group show of Sculptures at SITE Art Gallery Baroda Gujarat
Regional Art Exhibition Conducted by Lalit kala Academy Chennai.
BHEDA ABHEDA a group show of paintings and sculptures at Durbar art Gallery Kochi, Kerala.
Remenisence”A group show at Lalit Kala Academy Art Gallery Calicut. Kerala.
2012 - “Aesthetics” A Group Show at MNF Museum Art Gallery, Kochi, Kerala
12x12 A Group show at Durbar Art Gallery, Kochi ,Kerala.
2010 - A Group show at Faculty of Fine Art Gallery MSU Baroda.
2008 - “Elements of Equilibrium” a group show of Sculptures in Tamarind Art Gallery New York.
Tracing Erases, a group show at Darbar hall, kerala.
2007 - Feb show 2008, Red Earth Gallery Baroda.Gujarat.
Bodhi art winners show at Bodhi Art Gallery Mumbai.
Group show in Gallery BEYOND Mumbai.
2006 - Annual show Faculty of Fine arts M S U of Baroda.Gujarat.
2005 - Group show in faculty of fine arts MSU of Baroda.Gujarat.
2004 - Sprouts’ a group show at KALEDIOCOPE Baroda. Gujarat.
Degree show 2005 in fine arts college Thiruvananthapuram.
2003 - Lalit Kala Academy state exhibition-2004.
Group show at Fine arts college Thiruvananthapuram .

Information on appreciations and awards

Bodhi Art Award-2008
Mahedra Pandya scholarship-2007
Kerala Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship-2006

Particulars about your art works- paintings or sculptures

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