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G Ravinder Reddy


Academic and artistic education details

1990 - Teaching at the Department of Fine Arts, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
1984 - Short Course Certificate (Ceramics), Royal College of Art, London
1983 - Diploma (Art and Design),Goldsmith College of Arts, University of London
1982 - Master of Fine Arts (Creative Sculpture), Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
1980 - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Particulars about your individual / group exhibitions

2008 - Grosvenor Vadehra, London
2007 - 'Ravinder Reddy: Select Sculpture', Bose Pacia Gallery, New York
2007 - ‘Incridible India’, Le Jardin d’Acclimation, Paris, France
2003 - Sculptures at Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2001 - Monumental Sculptures, Media Gallery, Apeejay Techno Park, New Delhi
2001 - ‘Popular Cultures’, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg, USA
2001 - Monumental Sculptures, Deitch Projects, New York
2001 - Laskhmi Devi, Sackler Gallery, Washington D.C
2001 - ‘Devi’, Sackler Gallery, Washington Dc. USA
1997 - Sculpture, Art Today Gallery, New Delhi
1991 - ‘Painted Sculpture and Relief’s 1989-91’, Sakshi Gallery, Chennai and Bangalore
1990 - Centre for Contemporary Art, New Delhi
1989 - Hutheesingh Visual Arts Center, Ahmedabad
1989 - Max Mueller Bhavan, Hyderabad
1982 - Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
1982 - Sculpture in Fiberglass, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1981 - Sculpture in Fiberglass, Art Heritage, New Delhi
2014 - 'Immutable Gaze Part I: Masterpieces of Modern and Pre-Modern Indian Art', aicon Gallery, New York
2014 - 'In-Between', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2013 - 'Ideas of the Sublime', presented by Vadehra Art Gallery at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
2012 - 'Diva', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2012 - 'Gallery Collection', Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2012 - 'Mapmakers: The Evolution of Contemporary Indian Art', Aicon Gallery, New York
2012 - 'Contemporary: A Selection of Modern and Contemporary Art', prsented by Sakshi Gallery at The Park, Chennai
2012 - 'Sightings', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2011-12 - 'Back to School: Baroda 1979-89', Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2011 - 'Adbhutam: Rasa in Indian Art', Centre of International Modern Art(CIMA), Kolkata
2011 - 'In Beauty', Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2011 - 'Go Figure', Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, USA
2011 - 'Anecdotes', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2011 - 'High-Light', presented by Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai at The Oberoi, Gurgaon
2011 - 'Back to School: Baroda 1979-89', Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2010-11 - 'Monumental', Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2010 - 'Indian (Sub)Way', Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi; Grosvenor Vadehra, London
2010 - 'Third Dimension', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2010 - 'Modern Folk: The Folk Art Roots of the Modernist Avant-Garde', Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 - 'Indian Summer', Galerie Christian Hosp, Berlin
2009 - 'Inaugural Show', Sakshi Gallery, Taipei
2008-09 - 'Body Chatter: An Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art', Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2008 - ‘Freedom 2008 : Sixty Years After Indian Independence’, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
2007-08 - ‘India Art Now: Between Continuity and Transformation’, Province of Milan, Milan, Italy
2007-08 - Indian Art at Swarovski ‘Crystal World’ Show, 2nd Exhibition, Tirol – Österreich, Austria
2007-08 - ‘Polyphonies’, Gallery Hosp, Tirol – Österreich, Austria
2007 - ‘20th Century Sculpture: from Archipenko to Reddy’, Grosvenor Gallery, London in association with Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2007 - ‘Indian Art III, HERE AND NOW’, Young Voices from India, Grosvenor Gallery, London in association with Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2007 - Private/Corporate IV, A Dialogue of the collection Lekha and Anupam Poddar, New Delhi and Daimler Chrysler, Stuttgart/Berlin at Daimler Ghrysler Contemporary Potsdamer Platz Berlin
2007 - ‘Post Object’, at Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
2006 - ‘New Space’, Art Space 1X1 , Dubai
2006 - ‘The Third Eye’, Lille, France
2006 - ‘Art on the Beach- Made by Indians’, at St. Tropez, arranged by Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris
2006 - ‘The Garden Party’, Deitch Projects, New York
2005 - ‘Endless Terrain’, presented by Interiors Espania at Lalit Kala Galleries, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi
2005 - ‘Body Perfect’, Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2005 - ‘About Beauty’, House of World Cultures, Berlin
2005 - ‘Are we like this only?’, Vadehra Art Gallery at Lalit Kala Galleries, New Delhi
2004 - ‘Iconography in Transient Times’, Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi, presented by Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore
2004 - ‘The Androgyne’, organized by Apparao Galleries, Chennai at Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi
2004 - ‘Margi & Desi Exhibition’, Lalit Kala Galleries, Delhi, conducted by Espace Gallery, New Delhi
2004 -‘Sacred Space’, organized by RPG Enterprise, Mumbai at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2004 - ‘New Paradigms-II’, organized by Threshold Gallery at Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi
2003 - ‘Enchanting the Icon’, Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore
2003 - ‘Roots En Route’, Queens Gallery, British Council, New Delhi
2003 - ‘Traveling show’, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai
2002 - ‘Sidewinder, CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
2002 - ‘Human Park’, An exhibition of Global Creatures, La Virreinna Exposicions, Institute de Cultura, Barcelona
2002 - ‘India: Contemporary Art from North Eastern Private Collections’, Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, USA
2002 - ‘Sheen of Metal’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2002 - ‘New Paradigms’, conducted by Threshold Gallery at Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi
2002 - ‘Creative Space’, Sakshi Gallery Anniversary Show, Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi
2001 - ‘Kitsch Kitsch Hota Hai’, Gallery Espace, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2001 - ‘Expanding Traditions’, Deutsche Bank Gallery, New York
2001 - ‘Finding the Centre at the Margin’, Apparao Galleries, Mathi Garh, New Delhi
2001 - ‘The Human Factor’, Guild Art Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 - ‘Embarkations’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2000 - ‘Of, based on or obtained by [Tradition]’, Nature Morte, New Delhi
2000 - ‘Global View: Indian Artists at Home in the World’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 - ‘Combine-Voices for the New Century’, Vis-à-Vis Art and Design Centre, New Delhi
1999 - ‘Edge of the Century’, British Council Gallery, New Delhi
1999 - ‘Volume and Form’, Singapore
1999 - ‘Legacy’, Curiosity Gallery, Visakhapatnam
1999 - ‘Contemporary Art from India’, Nature Morte Exhibition, Sydney
1999 - ‘Sixth Anniversary Art Exhibition’, Surya Gallery, Hyderabad
1999 - ‘Small Formats’, Art Today, New Delhi
1998 - ‘Private Mythologies’, The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo
1998 - ‘The Presence of the past’, Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, Mumbai
1998 - ‘Multimedia Art of the 90's’, Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
1997-98 - ‘Out of India: Contemporary Art of the South Asian Diaspora’, Queens Museum of Art, New York
1997 - ‘Private Languages’, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1997 - ‘Directions, Emerging Trends of Contemporary Indian Art’, The Air Gallery, London
1997 - ‘Rediscovering the Roots; Contemporary Indian Art’, Museo de la Nacion, Lima
1997 - ‘Major Trends in Indian Arts’, Lalit kala Akademi, New Delhi
1997 - ‘Tryst with Destiny: Art from Modern India 1947–1997’, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1996-98 - ‘Tradition/Tensions: Contemporary Art in Asia’, Asia Society, New York / traveling exhibition to Canada, Australia and Taiwan
1995 - ‘Portraits’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, Bangalore
1995 - ‘Sculpture'95’, Espace Gallery, Lalit Kala Akademi Galleries, New Delhi
1994 - ‘One Hundred Years: The National Gallery of Modern Art Collection’, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
1993 - ‘Head’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
1993 - ‘A Critical Difference: Contemporary Art from India’, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Camden Arts Centre, London, Bluecoat Gallery ,Liverpool, Huddersfield City Art Gallery
1993 - ‘India Songs: Multiple Streams in Contemporary Art from India’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, traveling exhibition in Australia
1990 - ‘Art Trends in South India’, Regional Centre, Lalit kala Academy, Chennai
1990 - ‘Kanoria Centre for Arts Group Show’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1990 - ‘Small Sculptures from India’, Accra, Ghana touring Lusaka, Zambia and Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi
1989 - ‘Timeless Art’, Victoria Terminus, Mumbai
1989 - ‘Artist Alert’, Rabindra Bhavan, Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Hutheesingh Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad
1988 - ‘Indian Sculpture Today’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Information on appreciations and awards

1998 - Working Grant, the Pollock Krasner Foundation Inc., U.S.A
1998 - Senior Fellowship, Department of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi
1991-93 - Junior Fellowship, Department of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi
1991-93 - Sanskriti Award, Sanskriti Prathisthan, New Delhi
1982-84 - British Council Scholarship for higher studies, U.K
1980-82 - Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship, Andhra Pradesh
1980-82 - Award in Sculpture, Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmedabad
1980-82 - National Academy Award in Sculpture, National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

Particulars about your art works- paintings or sculptures

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