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Madhu Venugopalan

December 4, 1976

Visual Artist

Academic and artistic education details

1.1998 : BFA in Painting, College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

Particulars about your individual / group exhibitions

Solo shows
1.2014: RECLUSE’SSONATA, Art Hub Abu Dhabi. Works done during One month Indian Art Residence
2.2010: Reassurance, Gallery Blue Spade, Bangalore.
3.2009:’Vernacular/Suspended’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi.
4.1999: Zen Studio Gallery, Eramalloor, Alappuzha. 5.1998: DH Art Gallery Kochi.
1.2013 : ‘HAIL’ Curated by Madhu V. Organised by Celebrate Keralam Happiness Festival. 2013. At MNF Museum of Art & Kerala History, Edappally, Kochi.
1.2008:’ Space &Place’13th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh. Presented by Central Lalitkala Akademi, New Delhi.
2.2014: MALAYALAM PROJECT, a Partner Project of Kochi Muzris Biennale 2014-15,
3.2014: UNMARKED , collateral project by Gallery Art Valley in Kochi Muzris Biennale 2014-15
1.2015: Kashi Art Residency, kochi.
2.2014: Indian Art Month Abu Dhabi Art Hub.
3.2007;'08: Swaswara Art Residency. CGH Earth Experience, Gokarnam
Group shows
1.2018: Art for concern, Habitate centre New Delhi
2.2018: Mapping Frontiers, curated by Lina Vincent Sanish, Kalakriti Gallery Hydrabad.
3.2017: Art Human, Curated by Sreedevi S. kartha, Triva Contemporary, Tvm.
4.2017: Long Story Short , Palette Art Gallery New Delhi
5.2017: ‘a body of flows ‘, Triva contemporary, Tvm.
6.2017: ‘Everybody is the other no one is himself’, Gallery 27. Kochi.
7.2016:’Another Life is Possible’, curated by AjiAdoor, Pagan Fest ,Kerala Museum Kochi.
8.2016: New Collections Gallery Time & Space Bangalore.
9.2016:’No Man’s land’, Gallery white Walls, Ernakulam.
10.2015: Land, Myth and Culture , Art Houz ,Chennai.
11.2015: Kashi Art Residency show, Kashi Art Gallery Fort Kochi.
12.2015: NH7+47 South Sajourn- Curated by MuktaAhluwaliaBedi,at Art*ry Space, Dubai.
13.2015: International Sand art Fest.Alapuzha.
14.2015:’Pada’, Sree Sankara University , Lalithkala Akademi Gallery.
15.2015: Transformation/Healing, Atlantic Health Care centre, by SIPMA.
16.2014: Dubai Art Fair, Dubai, Presented by Gallery 1000A New Delhi.
17.2014: Swab, International Art Fair, Barcelona , Presented by Gallery 1000A. New Delhi.
18.2014 : Art Gwangju 2014 at Gwangju Korea, Presented by Gallery1000A ,New Delhi.
19.2014:Busan Art Show, Busan Korea, Presented By Gallery1000A. New Delhi.
20.2013: Opening Show at Kochi International Air Port Art gallery. By Kerala LalitKala Akademi.
21.2013: Himagiri Viharam, Orthic Creative Centre, Kochi.
22.2013: Clean Ganga Clean Himalaya, Habitate Centre New Delhi. Organised by Abheda Ganga Maiya Ashram Haridwar.
23.2013: ‘HAIL ‘ Curated by Madhu V. Organised by Celebrate KeralamHappiness Festival.
24.2012: REMENISCENCE a Visual tribute to Nilamboor Balettan , conceptualised & Designed by CAC. Lalitkalaakademi , Calicut.
25.2012: BETWEEN DRAKNESS&MAGIC..Examining the Kerala Metaphor, Cima Gallery ,Kolkata .
26.2012:SMALL IS BIG, Exhibition of Contemporary miniatures ,curated by AnoopKamath at DH Gallery Kochi.presented by ART ESTATE
27.2012: SPEAKING HOUSE Curated by Radha Gomaty, presented By IFAWPCA, at DH Gallery Kochi,
28.2011:A4ARPLE group show, Gallery Ragini ,New Delhi.
29.2011:THE BIG PICTURE group show curated by Mr. Abhishek Poddar for foundation for Indian Artists at Leela palace & Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore.
30.2011: Museum Collections Curated by Mr. Johny ML Art Konsolt Art Gallery New Delhi.
31.2011: Collections show, Palette art gallery, New Delhi.
32.2011: Modi Foundation art Exhibition , New Delhi.
33.2010: Group show Orthic Creative Centre & Nanappa Art gallery, Kochi.
34.2009: Indian art Summit, palette Art Gallery, New Delhi.
35.2009:’Metamorphosis’Philllis Weston &Anney Bolling Art Gallery, Cincinnati
36.2008:’ Space &Place’13th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh. Presentedby Central LalitKala Akademi, New Delhi.
37.2008: ArtContemplate, Coimbatore.
38.2008: India Art Summit,Palette Art Gallery.NewDelhi.
39.2008: July show ,The Guild, Mumbai.
40.2008: Annual Exhibition Kerala Llithakala Akademy, DH gallery, kochi.
41.2008;"Despute Unresolved" DH Gallery Kochi
42.2007: "DREAMS QUESTIONED"byzen studio gallery at D.H Gallery ,Kochi
43.2007: "Fragments" Gallery Beyond , Mumbai
44.2007 : "Real 2007"Rabindrabhavan, New delhi
45.2007: Opening Show Chaithanya Art Gallery, Kochi
46.2007:" South by South West "Travencore Art GAllery, New Delhi
47.2007:State Exhibition Kerala Lalita Kala akademi, Kochi.
48.2006 : Exhibition of Terracotta Sculptures & December show, Orthic , Kochi
49.2002:"Valley of Illuminations" ,Dravidia art Gallery, Kochi
50.2002: Drawing Show, Draveedia Art & Performance Gallery, Kochi.
51.2000,1996,:State Exhibition,Kerala Lalithakala Akademi,D H Gallery , Kochi .
52.1995, 1998 :KeralaKalaPeetom& Galleria Mareechika, Kochi.

Information on appreciations and awards

2008- State Award For the painting "Debate-1"

Particulars about your art works- paintings or sculptures

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