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Manisha Agrawal

594, sector-N2, near CMS, Aliganj, Lucknow (U.P.) pin: 226024. Studio:146-Maidan ghari, Near Shiv Mandir Bus Stand, New Delhi

Academic and artistic education details

1.B.F.A. (Painting)- Govt. Fine Arts College, Indore. (M.P.) – 2010.
2.M.F.A. (Painting)- Govt. Fine Arts College, Indore. (M.P.) – 2013.
3.Graphics Designing- Virtual Voyage, Indore.(M.P.) - 2011.

Particulars about your individual / group exhibitions

1.Annual show, GIFA,Indore.2006-07-08
2.Creative Energy, GIFA,Indore-2009
3.Praroh, GIFA,Indore-2010
4.Lord Ganesh Exhibition, GIFA. 2011-12-13.
5.Meghmalhaar, Indore-2010
6.Rang sharad, Indore-2010
7.Basketball complex,Indore-2010
8.Kala rang Kala sang,Tonk-2011.
9.Color code,Indore-2011
10.Color code, UstadUllah Khan Academy, Bhopal-2011
12.Conspiring Colours ,Hotelsayaji,Indore-2012
13.D.j.Joshismrity,pritamlalduasabhagrih,Indore- 2012
14.Prayaas, Annual Exhibition of GIFA-2012
16.Sanskarbharti exhibition-2013
17.Annual show,Gifa-2013.
19.Female Artist Exhibition, State Lalit Kala Academy, (U.P.)-2017
20.Goa Affordable Art Fest, Museum of GOA, GOA- 2017-18
21.ART35, Affordable Art Fest, Nine Fish Art Gallery, Mumbai-2018

Information on appreciations and awards

1.Gold Medal-ManavSanket Academy, Ujjain-2006
2.Gold Medal & Jury Award-ManavSanket Academy, Ujjain-2007
3.Honorable Mention Award-83rd All India academy Exhibition of arts, Amritsar-2017
4.Best work Award, Art 27-online exhibition come competition-2017
5.Second Prize-Rang Rangeela, Kala Aakar Foundation, Delhi- 2017
6.31st All India Art Exhibition, LokmanyaTilakSmarak Trust, Pune-2018

Particulars about your art works- paintings or sculptures

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