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Vk Rajan

Vadakkekara House, Anandapuram.P.O, Thrissur, Kerala - 680 323, India

Academic and artistic education details

1.Undergone informal study in Traditional Architecture (Wood) of Kerala-1973-1974
2.College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram-1975-1980
3.Studied Sculpture under Kanayi Kunjiraman.
4.Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda-1983-1985
5.Studied Creative Sculpture Under Raghav Kaneria.

Particulars about your individual / group exhibitions

One Man Shows
1.One Man Show of Sculpture at New Delhi (Art Heritage Gallery)- 1988
2.One Man Show of Granite Sculpture at Kochi (Bombay Art Gallery)- 2008
Group Shows
1.Participated many group shows in India and Abroad.
1.International Symposium Subash Bose Park at Kochi, Kerala, INDIA-1990-1991
2.International Symposium Olive Park Shodoshimo, at Kagawa, JAPAN-1991
3.International Symposium Uppin’s Art Enclave Gulberga, at Karnataka, INDIA-1992
4.(Star Sculpture) International Symposium Stellar Park, at Yashiro, JAPAN-1993
5.Workshop R.V. College of fine arts, at Mavelikkara, Kerala, INDIA-1995
5.Indo-Japanese Sculpture Symposium at Jawaharlal Balabhavan at Thrissur, Kerala, India-1996
6.Seventh Stone Sculpture’s gathering Symposium at Hilukawa,GIFU Praf JAPAN-1997
7.International Symposium (VISWAKALASANGAMAM) at Changampuza Park, Edapilly at Kochi, Kerala, INDIA-2001-2002 Member LALITHA KALA ACADEMY-2002-2004
8.International Symposium ITM Universe Campus, at Gwalior, M.P, INDIA-2007

Information on appreciations and awards

1.Won Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Award for Sculpture-1976.
2.Won Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Scholarship for Study in Sculpture-1980

Particulars about your art works- paintings or sculptures

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