Bandish , 20-20000Hz : Of Memories and Nostalgia

Can art and artist survive when the world around start to care less for them? Kabir who is not sure if
he shall sing, Champa Bhai who wants to but is not permitted to sing, Beni Bai who is requested to
sing but won’t, and Moshumi who wants to sing but can’t… Through these singers reveals a beautiful
The play is set in the present and looks back to the past. It is the story of a Nautanki Singer and a
Baithak Singer looking back at their past in the pre-independence period, when there was national
pride everywhere. This is kept in contrast with the modern day where nationalism has become toxic.
Three artists Champa Bai, Munnu and Beni Bai meets at a cultural event celebrating the 70 th
anniversary of Independence.
Danish Hussain is comical enough, the musical tracks are beautiful. Though there are inadequacies
with reference to the theme, like for example Naresh is pissed off at the state of the country but
doesn’t even subtly mention about the idea of nationhood. However, it is a good attempt overall.
The play beautifully switches between the present and the past. Bandish means a composition of
Hindustani music, but on the other hand it also has another meaning i.e., restriction. Both ways it
suits the play. The drama was initially shown at AADYAM, an Aditya Birla Group initiative.
The major cast for the play were: Anubha Fatehpuria as Champa Bhai, Nivedita Bhargave as Beni Bai,
Ipsita as Moshumi, and Danish Hussain as Munnu among others.

About the Curators :
Anuradha Kapoor has worked as the director of National School of Drama in Delhi for 6 years and
she played a key role in the establishment of NSD Bangalore.

Lillete Dubey is known for her acting. She has served as the artistic director of The Prime Time
Theatre Company.

About the Director :
Purva Naresh is a playwright and theatre producer hailing from Lucknow. She studied film
production from Film and Television Institute of Pune.

About the Collaborator :
Shubha Mudgal is a composer and singer.

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