Dance like a mother : About the art of ageing

A workshop performance piece by accelerated intimacy, Dance like a mother is beautiful in its
thread. Will it be the same once we grow old? Will we start imitating our parents? Well this play is
exploring such realities. Often as a person grows old, we slowly start to realise we are behaving
more like our parents, we conceive that idea and art of ageing becomes beautiful. As the title says
you learn to dance like your mother.
The group accelerated intimacy has worked out this play with the older generation of the Goan
community. It slowly observes how we are becoming versions of our parents through spontaneous
dance, memories, costume and drag. As the poster inviting the applicants for the play said “A desire
to dance without inhibitions, a generosity of spirit and an openness to share personal memories and
stories in a group are the only criterion to be a part of this”.

About the Curators :
Anuradha Kapoor has worked as the director of National School of Drama in Delhi for 6 years and
she played a key role in the establishment of NSD Bangalore.

Lillete Dubey is known for her acting. She has served as the artistic director of The Prime Time
Theatre Company.

About the workshop director :
Accelerated intimacy is a group of practitioners who seek to explore how theatre and performance
can be made relevant to our present life, how it can be playful, live and constantly in conversation
with another. They are interested in making theatre that puts the audience at the centre of the live

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