Dhamaal : Drums and more

Curated by the music couples, Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhaan, Dhamaal is the celebration of
percussion diversity of the country. Dhamaal featured 75 percussions from all round the country
from Kerala to Manipur. Smriti Rajgharia the director of Serendipity Arts Trust said that Dhamaal
celebrated the musical diversity of the country and all of them performing together at one stage
shows how music can in fact unify people.
Well, that is what Dhamaal is all about. The idea of art unifying people beyond the bounds of caste,
class, gender or religion. This fusion of folk drummers is nicely paired with a dance performance. The
event was held at DB grounds in Goa.
The lightings of the show was done by Harshvardhan Pathak and the sound was handled by Nitin
About the curators :
Shubha Mudgal is trained by some of the finest musicians of the country. She is a performer and a
composer and has won Padma Shri award, the Golden Plaque award for special achievement at the
34 th International film festival held at Chicago.
Aneesh Pradhan is one of India’s leading Tabla player. He is a disciple of Tabla Maestero Nikhil
Ghosh. He is married to Shubha Mudgal

1 Comment

1 Comment

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