Dharti : Display of Sufficient Selves

“I wanted to hide, but then I found Dharti” says one of the promotional videos of Serendipity’17.
Dharti is an in house art residency, a 3 month long programme which provides the budding artists
the necessary resources, space and time to develop their artistic skills. It was 6 artists who made it to
Dharti this year from around a 100 applicants for the same. The residents were selected by some
eminent artists of India- Hanif Khureshi, Manisha Parekh, Rahaab Allana, Rasika Kanjaria, and Sabih
Mohd Ahammed.
The exhibition Dharti displayed the final works of these 6 artists who were selected for the
programme. The theme of the exhibition was ‘The Self in Self-Sufficiency.” The residents of Dharti
not only had to sit at a place and paint, but in fact had to communicate with the community around
and draw inspiration for their work from the same. The idea is holistic. An artist isn’t an isolated
entity, but he/she co-exist with the society around. Society becomes the means and end for art.
Hence te whole project questions self and ideas around self. Can art be created out of nowhere? Can
art be created when you are self-indulgent? How much important is the self? It is about the contrast
between social spaces and individual spaces. The work of Hazarika for example focuses on the
question of identity. The art is young, novel as the artists are and leaves with you certain questions
for which you yourself will have to find answers for.

Deepak K Agastya, Priyanka Das, Suryakant Swain, Utsa Hazarika, Kumaresan Selvaraj, Biplab Sarrkar

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