Dumb Waiter : A Brilliance on Stage

Dumb waiter is an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s work ‘The Dumb Waiter.’ The play is done in Hindi.
Ben and Gus are the protagonist that is being played by Nitin Bhajan and Purnanand Wandhekhar.
The play is set in a stuffed kitchen and the onlookers see the visuals through a CCTV camera. Here he
challenges the notion of viewer and artist and reduces the viewer to having voyeuristic tendencies.
It gives th experience of pinhole viewing and in a tightly packed room it feels like proper act of
voyeurism. The camera not just signify the eavesdropping attitude of the listener but also signify
surveillance of the actors.
As said in Tushars website, “Audience participation in the space and the unique relationship they
would develop with the actors is the USP of the play as performance happens in real time.” The play
is in fact developing a new language of appreciating art, as well as it is experimenting with spaces.

About the Curators :
Anuradha Kapoor has worked as the director of National School of Drama in Delhi for 6 years and
she played a key role in the establishment of NSD Bangalore.

Lillete Dubey is known for her acting. She has served as the artistic director of The Prime Time
Theatre Company.

About the Director :
Thushar Pandey studied at National School of Drama and London International School of performing
Arts. He has been working in the field since 2003. He had also acted in the movie Pink.

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