Lose Your Mind , Use Your Body : Laban For the Performer

Does movements have a language, Yes says this workshop and it is about learning the language of
movements. Lose your mind and Use your body is a workshop on theatre that was conducted by
Faezeh Jalali and the theatre group Prithvi. It is based on a performance guide, or rather a
movement of vocabulary that was created by one of the pioneer dance artists – Rudolf Laban. This is
about a deeper understanding of one’s mind and body. It is also about observation, description,
prescription, performance and interpretation of human movement.
As said by Peggy Hackney about the movement vocabulary of Laban “It is about the basic elements
that can be used to generate a movement. They provide the inroad to understanding or describing
movement and for developing movement efficiency and expressiveness.” Body, effort, shape,
context and space are the 5 elements covered in this movement vocabulary.

About the Curators :
Anuradha Kapoor has worked as the director of National School of Drama in Delhi for 6 years and
she played a key role in the establishment of NSD Bangalore.

Lillete Dubey is known for her acting. She has served as the artistic director of The Prime Time
Theatre Company.

About the Director :
Faezeh Jalali has been teaching theatre for over a decade. She studied in Beloit College in USA. She
had also been working as an actor. She is known for hr role in Slumdog Millionaire, Shaitaan and the
play Jaal.

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