Mapping Mapusa Market : An Artist’s Vision of Market Dynamics

Mapusa is an age old market at Goa. What exactly is a market? Rather than a space of selling and
buying, a market is a public sphere, where ideas, news and information are exchanged and where
contemporary life find its meaning. Goa being a cosmopolitan space has even larger meanings for its
markets. A market in Goa is thus a microcosm. It accommodates both local, national and
international goods. Market is one place that has the potential to transcend the human created
boundaries. And markets are also reflections of a place’s unique history in relation to the modern
world Or It shows the space and position of a particular place in the modern world.
Well, that’s about market. Coming to the installation about Mapusa market, Orijith had done a visual
documentation which involves socio-historical mapping and graphic narration of this market.
Mapping Mapusa market thus delves into the functions of market and the space it serves among the
people of Goa- social, economic and cultural aspects of it. He had been working on this project since
As Nilankur Das, a journalist and academician based on Goa, observes “ Mapping Mapusa Market is
an exciting, new participatory project that aims to present artistic responses and information about
Mapusa Market to a wide public. The project presents market as a hub for social and commercial
exchange, a dynamic space that is both unique and typical of Indian local markets”.
More details regarding this project could be availed at:

About the curator : Orijit Sen
A graphic artist, cartoonist, and designer based in New Delhi, Orijit studied graphic design at the
National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. Co-founder of People Tree, a collaborative studio
and store for artists, designers, and craftspeople, which was established in 1990. It grew out to be
the largest artisanal entrepreneurship. He also authored India’s first graphic novel Kalpavriksh (River
of Stories) in 1994. He is currently a visiting professor at Goa University.

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