Maya Bazaar : Of Urban Popular Theatre

Surabhi Theatre is a well established name in Telangana Theatre Culture. They are more than a
century old. They are known for their classical theatre performances combining craft, music,
puppetry, makeup and costumes. They generally are into Indian Mythology. This performance which
came to life at Open Air Theatre of Goa Kala Academy received a standing ovation from the
Maya Bazaar is blending purana to the present time. The thread is the love story of Sesirekha, who is
the daughter of Balarama and Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra. The play is considered to be one of
the masterpieces of this theatre group. They composed this play back in 1935 and was called
Sesirekha parinayam back then. It was also adapted to a movie. Though it underwent lot of changes,
Surabhi is even today able to maintain the mood of the show. Surabhi a family theatre group now
has over 55 members.
Surabhi is also known for their performances on stage. Once when one of the actors had a stroke in
between acting, the others played a very vital role not just in helping him out but gracefully
replacing him. After all, the show must go on.

About the Curators :
Anuradha Kapoor has worked as the director of National School of Drama in Delhi for 6 years and
she played a key role in the establishment of NSD Bangalore.

Lillete Dubey
is known for her acting. She has served as the artistic director of The Prime Time
Theatre Company.

About the Director :
R Nageswara Rao is the secretary of Surabhi Nataka Sangham based at Hyderabad. They usually
perform plays that are based on Hindu puranas.

Writer :
Melladi Venkatkrishna Sharma

Dramatization by:
S A Manohar

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