Re-imagining Gandhi : An artist’s attempt to reclaim Gandhi

Gandhi and Gandhian ideologies always had a space in Indian art. Subodh Kerkar is on a
mission to highpoint the importance of Gandhi and Gandhian truce in the contemporary era.
Subodh had long been following Gandhian ideologues. The artist therefore thinks Gandhi is
ever relevant, especially today. The Goa based artist apparently thinks, littering as violence,
obviously coming from his Gandhian thought. He is also known for creating an artistic
protest called Carpet of Joy in his hometown on the 100 th anniversary of Champaran
movement. The protest was against littering. This installation had over 1,50,000 plastic
bottles that was used to create a portrait of Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi’s educations of truth, non-violence and compassion are everlasting and
need to be imbibed in every individual believes the artist. At serendipity he is reclaiming the
Gandhian space through his art and installation. There are sculptures , portraits and more kept
at display.

About the artist
Born in Keri, at the northern border of Goa in 1959, Subodh Kerkar was born to an artist
family. He spent his childhood walking on the beaches with his artist father, Chandrakant
Kerkar, where he became drawn to the ocean in his works. Subodh generates his ephemeral
installations using thousands of mussel shells, pebbles, palm leaves, boats, fishermen, and
sand. His large works on the seashore are often infused with politics and history. Subodh is
the Founding Director of the Museum of Goa (MOG) and has exhibited widely in India and

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