Senses 2.0 : Towards a more accessible Art

The world of expression is often a privilege that only a select few are able to savour. Siddhant Shah is
trying to break this boundary of access to art through his project Senses 2.0. Art for all is the motto
of this venture. Aimed at making the world of art a more inclusive space, Senses, has empowered
the visually impaired to get a feel of the exhibits.
Here differently abled, children and senior citizen got a chance to engage in the art of viewing with
the help of touch. As one reports of Times of India goes, Siddhant said “ In a space for social and
educational engagement, the Senses project act as a catalyst to allow intellectual and social access
to those demographics who are otherwise overwhelmed and do not participate in these events.
Senses 2.0 enables the visitors to understand the various aspects of the artwork through multiple
The event is significant because such ventures are rarely taken in the artistic realms. The “please do
not touch” signboards were nowhere visible and all of them were replaced with “Please touch” sign
boards. Braille equipped signage, Physical maps, Braille books were all the peculiarity of Senses 2.0.
Art transcends all boundaries, so does senses 2.0. It is aimed at making art universal.

About the Curator :
Siddhant Shah is the co-founder of Access for all, a non-profit venture aimed at pushing the
boundaries of Social, intellectual and physical access by fostering an inclusive experiential culture.
The team under access for all focuses on access audits, awareness programmes etc.

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