St+Art Goa : Goa Revealed

St+Art foundation is collaborating with Serendipity art foundation in this exhibition to bring to
exhibition the Goan Street art. St+Art foundation is associated with street and public art movements
in India. This is a public art beautification project. The venture aims to look at Panjim from various
lenses. It is the Goan experience brought into focus. The project intend to explore a side of Goa by
focussing on Goan culture out on the street for the locals as well as tourists visiting Goa.
Murals are created by artists from across the Globe based on their Goan experience. There is also a
cut out project where the portraits of local Goan people would be placed across the city welcoming
people for the festival. The idea is to make art localised, for this medium was before used only for
local personalities. Another is a proverb project where local proverbs are converted to works of art
and kept for display. A4Art project is another highlight where Graphic designers are interpreting
their Goa in A4 sheets. Guerrilla projections turns huge buildings as screens to display relevant
St+Art would thus bring a varied series of public art interventions Goa. Ranging from murals,
billboards and cut outs, the festival would witness some of the most famous international and local
street and public art talent.

About the Curator
St+Art Foundation is a non profit organisation that works for the expansion of art project in public
About the artists
Murals : Guido Van Helten (Australia) , Curiot (Mexico) , Do and Khatra (India) , Parag Sonagrahe
A4Art Project : Daku
Guerrilla Projections : Ayaz Basrai , Daku
Sign Painters : Painte Shabbu , Painter Kafeel

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