The Ground Beneath My Feet : About Relationships and More.

The Ground Beneath my feet was one of the prestigious event held at Serendipity’17 in collaboration
with Serendipity Arts Trust, HH Arts Space, and Asia Art Archive in India. The cutting edge
performances by 8 artists across the globe was a search for the swiftly changing relationship
between human bodies, their natural environments, and technological infrastructures. The stage
was set at Captain of Ports Jetty on the Mandovi River in Goa.
Barges are usually seen only from a distance usually as a transporter of Ore and minerals. However,
one such barge was converted to a stage in here. The whole exhibition was about the sense of
displacement and desolation and barges truly represented that. The exhibition was set in the
backdrop of the rusting past of mechanization and the echoing alarms of maritime trade, this
exhibition reckons with the raging waters of geopolitics today, hinting at unrealised utopias and dark
unknowable pasts. Well, with this performances the artist pose one question to the viewer: what is
the ground beneath our feet?
The performances also questions issues like migrant labour, climate change and refugees. Talking to
Financial express, Chisty one of the performers from Bangladesh said “The message of this art is life.
It is also about memories and pain.” The performance was live, and the Mis-en- scene director
brought to life the lifeless barge through three different environments – Fathom, Time Oars,
and Azimuth that presented the audience with a new site over the eight days.

Mis-en-scene director 
Vishal K. Dar is both an artist and an architect. He is known for works that are both personal
and mythical at the same time. The use of light to create a particular feel is a speciality of his

Artists who are part of the project
Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty : Based on Dhaka this artist is into performance, poetry, animation
and drawing. He explores through his art the depths of human psyche

Regina Demina : A Russian dancer and actress she is into the eeriness and morbid sensation that
art has the potential to create

Anja Ibsch : Based in Germany, she creates artworks that searches the personal, emotional and
cultural aspects of human presence that connects with and extend to the earth
Yuko Kaseki: A Japanese dancer, choreographer she focuses on perfomances that includes
objects. Texts and soundscapes

Bhagwati Prasad and Hemant Sreekumar : Both of their works focuses on aspects of decay,
generative bias and loss of semantics.

Nico Vascellari : Every space extends certain limits of control on us. His interest lies in exploring

Diptej Vernekar : His artworks explores the multiple ways in which object spaces and
surroundings becomes a part of our identities

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