The Pano Bhaju: Influences & Inspirations – A look into the Goan Story

How often do you get a chance to travel back in time to know the history of the clothing that you are
wearing? Or is it possible at all? Well, the latest exhibition at Serendipity is all about travelling back
in time. And for what exactly? To trace back the influences and inspirations that led to the creation
of “the Pano Bhaju.” Pano Bhaju is a traditional attire of Goa; a 9 yard sari worn with traditional
jewelleries. The Pano Bhaju is an end product of designer Wendell Rodricks travels across the sea
and the silk route to discover the influences that result in the creation of the Pano Bhaju in Goa. Goa
being cosmopolitan would have had drawn inspiration from many.
In Wendell’s observation, Pano Bhaju has drawn its inspiration from the Far East countries like
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Burma and China combine a sarong or lungi worn under a
blouse. It is also to be noted that countries like Sri Lanka and places like that of Kerla and North East
also have their versions of Sarong. The design and patterns of Pano Bhaju gets its inspiration from
the clothing of Persia, China and Central Asia, he says. Japan too offers themes and gold thread
splendour to the Pano Bhaju. While making such claims, Wendell substantiate them with proper
proofs. He is in fact celebrating the cosmopolitancy of Goa through this exhibition.
The show got a lot of positive reviews from people. Ashwini Pai commented that she had always
been fascinated by Pano Bhaju and the show gave her an opportunity to revisit history. A travel back
in time to know where all of these started is the greatest peculiarity of this show.

About the Curator :
Wendell Rodricks is one of the most famous Indian fashion designers. He also is an activist and had
been vocal about many issues around like environment, gay rights and various other social causes.
He was awarded Padma Shri in 2014.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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