Uncharted Seas : An unconventional Kathak performance

Curator : Sanjeev Bhargava
Production : Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company
Vocal Compositions : Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan
Research : Devyani Mangaldas, Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh Pradhan and Aditi Mangaldas

Once Kamala Das wrote: “In ten minutes how can I sum up this life, this voyage on uncharted seas.”
In the core of uncharted seas is this; the search for the immaterial – truth, beauty, love and freedom.
The basic of uncharted seas is a Kathak performance. But its highly dramatized or made theatrical,
which is quite uncommon for Kathak. It uses dimmed lights, and at times candles to unveil a figure.
Subtlety leads the performance.
This performance is not just about the aesthetics of dance. It is not just about the spins, footwork or
skill which is the case of classical Kathak. Instead this revolves around a broader concept of
creativity. The performance is separated into different sections. It’s a symphony in itself and a poetry
in motion. The production in its entirety attempts to capture the essence of the “search”, through
the use of light, movement, space and rhythm.
Talking to the news website the list, Aditi said “Classical Kathak is usually done as a solo, in a lecture
or a demonstration form. You explain what you are going to do and then go to the process.But I find
that magic is lost in doing so. But in classical style, there is also the possibility of leaving things for
the imagination of the audience and uncharted seas is my attempt at doing that”
Uncharted Seas was composed 10 years back and had been performed at many international stages
including that of Cairo, Edinburgh and Thailand.

About the Choreographer :
Aditi Mangaldas is based in Gujarath and is a Kathak dancer. She is the founder of Aditi Mangaldas
dancing Company. She is also the recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.

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1 Comment

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