Young Subcontinent : An attempt to bring together artists of South Asia

How would it be if art works of 21 people from 6 South Asian countries be brought together? I would
rather say it would look like the installation Young Subcontinent at Serendipity’17. The Young
Subcontinent is a platform where young, evolving and promising artists from across the South Asian
subcontinent are displaying their art works. Asia is an imagination that has a shared history. Riyas
Komu is attempting to find this shared history through these art works. Komu had always been vocal
as to how art shall reflect the political reality of the present day. Through Young Subcontinent he is
trying to search for a commonality that we have lost in the present political scenario which is too
focussed on creating man made borders. But does such a border exist at all?
This is the second season of young subcontinent. The first version of the project happened during
Serendipity’16. The works at Young Subcontinent for many had evoked horror, shock and pain. This
is a 3 year long project. Speaking to the Financial Express Komu said “The basic concept and
framework is to bring youngsters from our subcontinent together and make them meet each other,
have conversations, start discussions and may be even have collaborative projects. What brings
people together is the very beautiful and dramatic history of the region. We have a very strong
shared history. Along with that we share conflict.”
It is true that various South Asian countries are going through issues related to fascism, freedom of
speech and expression, religious fundamentalism, state sponsored violence and so on. It is at this
juncture that Young Subcontinent becomes relevant. As art is also about expression, and expression
from conflict zones could be beautiful and marks resistance.

About the Curator
Riyas Komu is the co-founder of Kochi Biennale Foundation. He has done exhibition at many places
including Finland, Beijing and Verona. He also had been part of the 52 nd Venice Biennale and is
known for his political works.

Curatorial advisers
Amrith Lal is working with The Indian Express in Delhi
C.S. Venkiteswaran is an art critic, professor and documentary film maker from Kerala. He was
presented the National Film award for the best critic in 2009.

Curatorial Assistant

Anuj Daga had long been working as curatorial assistant at Komu studio. He has interned at the
Museum of modern art and studied at Yale university.

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